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I started disc golfing back in 2005 when I was in high school.  Since the first time I flung this piece of plastic in the air I was hooked immediately.  I was never any good, but that didn't matter because I always had fun.  After I graduated Highschool I left for college in Madison, WI.  This point in my life I truly become part of the game as I fine tuned my craft.  This fine tuning of my game was due to this disc golf store called Glide in Madison.  There I met Mike "the owner" and he put on a few clinics for my wife and I on how to throw a good back hand.   A few years has passed and 2014 came along and it was time for my wife and I to move back home to start a new life.  With this move I knew that I was going to bring back my love for disc golf and start up a store that can raise of the disc golf community in central Wisconsin.  Now I am glad to say that it is time for that passion and love to come to fruition as we begin our start up of Wild Woods Disc Golf.  

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